Ethanol And Fuel Properties Of Ethanol

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Ethanol contains a two carbon alcohol and six hydrogen (C2H6O) and has low cetane number (8), low heating value (26.8) and low viscosity (1.08) at 40. Table 5. shows the properties of diesel, gasoline, ethanol, acetone and butanol. Furthermore, the stability of any blend is an im-portant factor in fuel properties. The most significant issue of using ethanol with diesel is solu-bility and miscibility. Therefore, the use of biodiesel is an important method to stabilise ethanol in diesel [119, 124]. In order to maintain the stability of ethanol-diesel blends, two types of additive methodologies are normally employed: the addition of surfactants (emulsifiers) that yield stable emulsions or micro emulsion, and the addition of co –solvent…show more content…
The effects of adding of vegetable methyl ester to diesel ethanol blends were studied by Chen et al. [152], who observed that the addition of ester to diesel–ethanol blends prevents phase separation up to 30% by volume to maintain the homogeneity of blends Other significant research has undertaken by Barabás et al. [119] who investigated to 27 mix-ture samples of ethanol, biodiesel and diesel in different ratios. The experiments showed that only seven samples were suitable in terms of miscibility and stability and two samples (B10D85E5 and B25D70E5) could successfully replace diesel. 4.2.2 Ethanol blend Tested in CI Engines Blending ethanol with diesel fuel has several issues in terms of performance and emission lev-els. A number of studies have examined the effect of ethanol on thermal efficiency, brake power, fuel consumption and emission levels. Some research [114, 120, 125, 126] obtained dif-ferent results in terms of performance and emission levels. Most of this research agreed that ethanol causes an increase in fuel consumption (BSFC) and a decrease in the efficiency of the diesel engines. Chen et al. [120] showed that ethanol could decrease some types of emissions such as smoke and PM because high oxygen content helps to complete the combustion. When vegetable methyl ester was added to
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