Ethc-445 Principles of Ethics Final Exam Answers

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(Points : 5) To indicate what is prohibited or impossible To indicate that one choice is better than others To show what actions are legal To convey requirements and obligations To indicate that there are really no choices available 5. (TCOs 7, 8) Ethical Egoism proposes that all decisions should be made to promote what? (Points : 5) Our fiduciary responsibilities The good will of others Our self-interests The welfare of the community Stronger relationships 6. (TCOs 2, 4, 9) Free people are motivated toward forming social structures according to a social contract in order to overcome what problem identified by Thomas Hobbes? (Points : 5) The need to overcome disagreements A perpetual state of warfare The establishment of a monarchy Taxation to support the costs of government Organized ways to select leaders 7. (TCOs 3, 6) Agricultural biofuels are not properly a renewable source of energy in the environmental ethics debate. Which of the following also is not a renewable source of energy? (Points : 5) Windmill turbines Hydroelectric power Tidal flow generators Biomass waste systems Solar cells 8. (TCOs 3, 6, 7) The notion that the only thing good without qualification is a good will is attributed to whom? (Points : 5) St. Thomas Aquinas Socrates John Locke Immanuel Kant Oliver Cromwell 9. (TCOs 8, 9) Which ethical concept is organized and directed toward following the greatest

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