Ethic And Moral Conflict Implied. What Are The Implications

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Ethic And Moral Conflict Implied What are the implications of ethics or moral conflicts with one another? There is a fine line and some ongoing confusion between ethics and morals. Ethics apply to institutions or groups for example doctors or lawyers. Morals are personal principals influenced by society. Professionals deal with the conflict between ethics and morals more often than we realize. A lawyer who has a high moral standard would absolutely defend her moral belief that defending a murderer is wrong. Morals tell the attorney that murder is wrong and is a punishable offense. However the ethics as a professional defense attorney the requirements are to defend all clients equally with the highest standards knowing the client is…show more content…
There is, as yet, no requirement to prove competence, to have one’s performance checked in the workplace or to show that one is up-to-date. (Irvine, D. 2016. Page 236)
Individual Moral Behavior vs Institutional Ethics Social and cultural norms typically drive the defining factors behind moral behavior. This can be demonstrated through volunteer work, honesty, charitable donations, maintain positive attitudes and avoiding negative situations. Moral behavior has been in place since the beginning of time. Religious individuals refer to the bible for standards of moral behavior. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. (James King Bible Romans 12:21) This is a good example of defining moral behavior. Individuals who maintain a high standard of moral behavior avoid dishonesty, theft, cheating, and actions that would be degrading r hurtful to others. All individual in society hold to a level of moral behavior, some higher than others. Unlike moral behavior applies to society as a whole professional ethics apply to a specific organization, or employee of an organization. This also applies to the level of standards for services or products a professional organization provides. Examples of institutional ethics include characteristics such as integrity, compliance with laws regulations and accountability. This can include hiring employees that have a
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