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PHL-323 February 20, 2012 Frank Campbell At the core, one’s personal beliefs are what makes up one’s value system or what could be called their personal ethics structure. One’s personal values, or ethics structure, are developed over a lifetime and is ever evolving. There are many factors that come into play during the development of one’s ethics structure. The process begins at childhood. The people that a person comes into contact with, influences inside the home such as parents, siblings, and neighbors. As one grows older and ventures out into the world outside the home teachers, friends and even enemies all help to shape one’s value system. Any type of communication with anyone that we come in contact with…show more content…
Early in life you don’t know of the nuances. As I went into my teen years, things began to gray. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but that those nuances to good and bad began to show themselves and that made defining my value structure a bit more difficult. I grew up surrounded by educators and coaches, both family and friends. They helped a lot in the formation of my values that helped shape my ethics structure. Here are a few of the values that I believe to be of great importance in no particular order Good. Important Values • Family • Honesty • Integrity • Caring • Respect • Responsibility • Loyalty • Discipline • Intelligence • Confidence • Dependability • Courage • Encouragement • Fitness • Happiness • Leadership • Love • Maturity • Motivation • Organization • Passion • Persistence • Perceptiveness • Compassion • Punctuality • Self-Sacrifice • Commitment • Self-Control • Structure • Support This list is not a complete list of all of the values that make up my ethics system, but this small sample helps to illustrate many of the values that I feel help guide me. Many people, both friends and enemies alike have contributed in the formation of this list, and as I grow and evolve as a person so does this list. Good. Formation of Values Many years, many people and many experiences have helped to establish my values that have formed my ethics structure. That

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