Ethic in Counseling

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It is the purpose of this paper to address the topic of ethics in group counseling. This author will define what group ethics is according to the psychological organizations such as the American Counseling Association (ACA), and the Association of Specialist in Group Work (ASGW). This author will also address what the American Association of Christian Counselor (AACC) has to say about the ethical standards for Christian Counseling. To effectively practice ethically group therapy a counselor needs to internalize the morals, values, and behavioral makeup of each individual within the group. This paper will also look at the comparison between group and individual psychotherapy and why a counselor will choose between the two. The
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Finally, and perhaps most important, the ACA ethical code serves to protect this covenantal relationship as it continues to evolve” (p.121). By looking at counseling relationships as a covenant between the counselor and client the counselor will then respect the welfare and the dignity of their client.
Ethics in Group Therapy
Corey & Corey (2006) state that counselors need to have a “thorough grounding in ethical issues is as essential as a solid base of psychological knowledge and skills” (p. 64). They found that groups have been responsible in bring about change in the members and that the profession of mental acknowledged its effectiveness late in the counseling profession. According to Markus and King (2003) they found that group therapy has been seem effective treatment modality for some psychological and psychiatric disorders and issues. Professional organizations have seen the importance in developing ethical standards for counselor who will provide group psychotherapy due to the group may experience different ethical issues than individual therapy. Fallon (2006) found that there are two areas that need to be addressed, the group’s rights and what the responsibilities for the group leader. Kocet (2006) states that for a counselor to be effective they need to have a solid

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