Ethical Advertising : The Role Of Ethics In Advertising

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Discuss the role of the ethic in advertising

With the development of society, an increasing number of advertising come across people’s daily life. It is well known that ‘ ethical advertising means doing what the advertiser and the advertiser’s peers believe is morally right in a given situation’,(Arens/ Schaefer, 2006,P39), so ethics is extremely important in advertising. This essay will describe the impact of ethic in advertising in three different aspects, such as use of stereotype in advertising, the issue of advertising to children and offensiveness in advertising. In addition, this essay will also shows some regulations to make advertising more ethical.

The effect of advertising on stereotype
Firstly, it is important to be aware of the impact that advertising can have on stereotypes. It cannot be denied that stereotyped advertising brings numerous troubles. For example, in some local and regional advertising and in specific product categories, like beer and sports promotions. Many advertisements fail to realize the external effects of their advertising and they may maintain the stereotypes of male and female without even being aware of it.(Arens/ Schaefer, 2006, p36) In addition, most advertisement on TV illustrate too sexualized for women and always portray them as submissive people. These are unrealistic things in real life. However. These guidelines are constantly being pushed to women at a very young age. It is difficult to get rid of the
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