Ethical Analysis Of John Q Movie

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Today’s society, many people have health insurance through the company where they work. Depending on the company policy full -time workers receive a full coverage of health insurance. On the other hand, those as part time receive half or nothing at all. The communication between the health provider and workers about health insurance sometimes ends with an enormous problem. Because what the company said to the beneficiary and the health providers’ policy are totally different. But having health insurance is very important because uninsured people receive slighter medical care. It is significant to have one because in life, no one concoct to get sick or hurt. It is not something that a person wants to happen. But the unexpected one can occur where people may come to face challenges that would constrain them to choose between life and death. In this case, infrequently, people act violently in order, to save their beloved when feeling helpless. Because of this issue of health care that people are facing every day that John Q’s movie is given to our analysis. The movie is a perfect example because it relates to our course materials such as moral, values and ethical issues, etcetera. In this paper, we are going to come up with a brief overview first, then discuss what legal and ethical issues arose through the film particularly on John Q’s action to save his only son’s life. Succeeding examine if healthcare is a right or a privilege and see if people’s social class determine the

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