Ethical And Ethical Models Of The Asian Mining Sector

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As a manager working for a large Australian business corporation in the mining sector, situations often arise in negotiations with other countries that are unethical by Western cultural standards. In this situation, negotiations with another manager from the Asian mining sector have reached some hurdles, and information has been received that giving the Asian manager an expensive gift will secure the business contract, as is accustomed in many Asian countries (Han Fan, Woodbine, Scully, 2012). This particular situation is classified by Australian law as bribery and as such poses both a legal and ethical dilemma to the manager in charge of making this decision (Pedigo, Marshall, 2009). In order to ensure that an ethically sound outcome is…show more content…
The benefits for the Australian company would mainly be in the favour of the company as a whole, as securing this deal will result in an increase in business and competiveness, while it would also benefit the employees as they would not be in any danger of job loses. It would also benefit external stakeholders such as other companies that they interact directly with, because they would continue to supply and support each other (Barnes, Yen, Zhou 2010). Most of the negative affects that will arise directly result because of the nature of the deal. Bribery is illegal in Australia and as such is frowned upon and scrutinised (Sanchez-Runde, Nardon and Steers, 2013). This will affect the company’s image as well as individuals involved with company, with the manager who carried out the deal bearing the majority (Sacconi, 2006). The second model that can be used to assess the ethical dilemma is the moral rights model. This model aims to protect the fundamental rights and privileges of stakeholders (Waddell, Jones and George, 2012). This model is arguably the most applicable because of the
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