Ethical And Ethical Principles Of Business Ethics

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1. An introduction that includes your final decision and explanation of that decision.
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First, I will advise my company not to sell the drug, due to the dangerous side effect of it. It may be a little percentage relative to all users, but the side effects have no remedy. Furthermore, death and paralysis are not something to be taken lightly. It is a very serious matter to be taken into consideration.

2. A complete definition and discussion of the meaning of business ethics;
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“Business ethics is the application of moral and ethical principles in a business context.” – In the business society it is not just about what the law says, there are instances that a situation is in accordance with the rule of law, but somehow there are gray areas that violates the common principles of the society. That is the reason why nowadays, moral and business ethics are being observed widely.
3. A discussion of how you and other business leaders can encourage your companies to act ethically;
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I will set an example by enforcing what is right, and when a wrongful action has been committed, I will uphold the values that will encourage to rectify the misdeed.

4. A discussion of what your answer and advice to the company would be if you applied each of the three main approaches to ethical reasoning (which should include a discussion of each of the three approaches.) Your decision may not be the same as each of the three approaches is applied to the scenario.
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