Ethical And Moral Behavior And Christian World View

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This is a study about one’s ethical and moral behavior and Christian World View as related to personal and professional growth and development. This study examines my personal views of moral behavior and Christian World View as it relates to my expectation of what a manager in a leadership position should posses and why. Growing up in a African-American Baptist church and ultimately landing in a diverse Christian Church has shaped my life and viewpoint when it comes to values and beliefs. There are 5 characteristics that I believe a Manager should possess: Authenticity, transparency, empowering, trustworthy and competence. These five characteristics help to build rapport and trust in a manager, which are good qualities to possess when leading a team. Ethic Introspection Paper In a professional environment it is important as a manager to have a specific viewpoint and guideline when it comes to leading a team. Managers are leaders who must know their moral viewpoint and stance before taking on the task of being a leader. This paper will discuss my ethical viewpoint on how managers should lead a team along with the five characteristics I believe a manager should possess and why. “A Worldviews give faith-based answers to a set of ultimate and ground- ing questions. Everyone operates on the basis of some worldview or faith-based understanding of the universe and persons— examined, or unexamined, implicit or explicit, simplistic or sophisticated. One way or
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