Ethical And Societal Considerations And Suggestions For Future Study Essay

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During this chapter, the research question would be answered by summing up results of previous research, conducted by NRC (1983) and Covello and Merkhofer (1993) and the results of this research. Limitations of this research, ethical and societal considerations and suggestions for future study would be also mentioned.

Research question of the study: Attempts at standardizing the risk assessment process within HEA. Efficacious or not? How could the efficacy of those attempts be increased?

According to NRC (1983) and Covello and Merkhofer (1993) standardizing an RA in HEA includes some positive as well negative aspects. As it has been stated the positive aspects of standardizing outweigh the negative ones. This would imply the efficiency of standardizing an RA on some aspects. During the following paragraphs, the efficiency of the attempts of standardizing RA would be further discussed and a conclusion would be made.

To start with, from pie chart to pie chart, we can acknowledge positive attitudes towards variables. Specifically, during the pie chart,, and, no change to the attitude towards the variables was found, meaning that the variables, Quality control, Consistency, Predictability and Evolutionary improvement of the Risk Assessment Process still considered to be advantages of standardizing the RA. Throughout the pie chart as well, respectively, Separation of Risk Assessment from Risk Management and
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