Ethical Behavior And Ethical Behaviour

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Ethical behaviour is the ability to make decisions to act in the morally acceptable manner Dalke & Ankerstar, 1995, p.7). It is critical in any organization because it helps in building a good reputation that becomes a company’s selling point. A good reputation enhances mutual understanding between the company and its publics that is the stakeholders, government, employees, customers and the general public. It gains the company a competitive edge in the business environment. It is an essential element that the company should emphasise on. This paper focuses on the scenario provided and it discusses how the employee and the management can enhance ethical behaviour. Jan is faced with a dilemma on whether to disclose the company’s private information to Evelyne in order to help Steve or keep the information to her because it is appropriate as defined by the employee code of conduct. Evelyne approaches Jan informing her of the nephew’s plan to buy a house in proximity to his work place. Jan is aware that the company will engage in downsizing as a measure to lower its cost. Steve is likely to be laid off if the company follows this line of action. Should Jan tell Evelyne of the company’s plan and save her nephew from a likely financial crisis or should she stand by the company and enhance its integrity by practising confidentiality on the sensitive company information? Jan has a duty to uphold her integrity, be objective, confidential and professional in all her dealings with
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