Ethical Behavior And The Business Community

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During the 2008 economic crisis there were a lot of questions about ethical behavior in the business community. The result of the behavior led to questions about how and when the practice of unethical behavior began and if it was related to practices students learned while in business school. Rocky University has commissioned a group to review the data provided from an anonymous survey to find if there is a culture and history of cheating in the school of business. “Business ethics is the study of proper business policies and practices regarding potentially controversial issues” (Investopedia, 2016). This definition is relatable to the ethics in business school studies. The use of non-approved material or assistance can lead to questions about the collection and validity of the results in any student’s submissions. How does the two relate, and is there a correlation between cheating in school and unethical behavior in the business community? By understanding more about what is being allowed in the university, it may provide us with insight into when this type of behavior starts and how can the university community can combat it at an introductory level. Rocky University provided a sample of 90 graduating business students with responses to three questions regarding academic improprieties. This report will evaluate the data and provide answers to the following questions, the total of students who are considered cheating, proportion of students that copied off the…
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