Ethical Behavior At A Call Center

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Anyone who works, or has worked in a call center will know that there is no other psychological experience like it; especially being hooked up to a phone that never stops form the beginning of the day till the end and being on the receiving end of all negative consequences from decisions made by untouchable figures at the top of the food chain. Any slip ups; you’re the one being called in the office and placed on a step of discipline or even terminated. In a call center, time is everything: precise clocking-in, monitored toilet breaks, stringent call-length control… also know as being a mundane robot. If the stress level in a wireless (cellphone) sales environment decreases, then ethical practices would increase across the board and decrease the number of lawsuits that wireless carriers incur annually. In this paper I plan to address the following topics as it is related to ethical behaviors in the work place: • Employees of wireless companies who work in sales generally have an overall stressful job. • Various wireless carriers sales departments couldn’t care less about the consumer and only about the dollar on their commission check. • Using business practices with consumers that border being unethical. • Representatives in sales departments being penalized for doing work that’s deemed “customer care work” for customer who are not buying anything from you. • The never-ending cycle of being transferred from one representative to another, with no one resolving
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