Ethical Behavior, Deviant Workplace Behavior

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I have worked in municipal for the majority of my career. I worked as a consultant in the private sector for almost five years before accepting another position in city government in another state. My career exposed me to ethical behavior, both good and bad, in the workplace, I also was able to view firsthand, deviant workplace behavior. My experience with both concepts came during my previous career in city government. After thirty years in city government, I had the misfortune to have my career be manipulated by the unethical behavior by an executive director in conjunction with deviant workplace behavior by my subordinates. Ethical Behavior As stated in the textbook, managers “…need to create an ethically healthy climate for his or her employees…”(Robbins & Judge p.26) This should have been part of the covenantal agreement, between myself and my executive director, as explained by Professor Fischer in the week 2 presentation. This would have ensured equity and fair treatment between myself, my employees and executive management. The executive director who had oversight of my department had a divide and conquer mentality that kept departmental directors at odds with those under their supervision. Despite organizational rules, He chose make his own rules as they applied to organizational employees and vendors with permits to operate on public property. I followed all stated organizational rules in regards to employee behavior in the workplace to
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