Ethical Behavior Of Business Students At Rocky University Essay

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Ethical Behaviour of Business Students at Rocky University Introduction Many corporation grow and evolve there has been some ethical issues with regarding to policies and procedures within the company. However, ethical issues are not limited to the corporate world the statics show that the reason behind these unethical behaviours it has been prevalent for some time the unethical behaviour has been ongoing among business students. 86% claimed in 2008 and 2009 students had confessed to cheating as opposed to about77% that where non-business. Ruff and Costello (2009) explain there are roughly 250 website that contribute to the ethical behaviour where you can purchase your term papers online. In taking a closer look into the ethical issues that surround Rocky University the report will provide a better understanding of the discovers that were found in the report that included the following. Below you will find the information to conclude to the following questions: • compute the proportion of all students • proportion of all male students • Proportion of all female students who presented work copied off the internet as their own copied answers off another student’s exam collaborated with other students on projects that were supposed to be completed individual • Develop 95% confidence intervals for the proportion of all students, the proportion of all male students, and the proportion of all female students who were involved in some type of cheating. • Develop 95% confidence

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