Ethical Behavior : The Good And The Bad

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Ethical Behavior: The Good and the Bad
Written Assignment I
Alea Mayes
Eastern Michigan University

Ethics is needed within every organization. Before I get into that concept in great detail, I would first like to explain what ethics is. “The concept has come to mean various things to various people, but generally it 's coming to know what it right or wrong in the workplace and doing what 's right” (McNamara). This doesn’t intercept with the law. Yes, many legal things can be considered ethical and many illegal things can seem unethical, but many legal things can also be unethical. Therefore, something may be right in the eyes of the law but is not necessarily so from an ethical stand point. With that being said, I will explain why ethics is greatly valued and necessary within an organization. This can mean various things ranging from a low end associate tending to customers in a respectable manner to high end managers or owners being honest and treating their employees well. People generally have their own view and standards of ethical and/or moral behavior. They, more often than not, tend to have an understanding of what is right and wrong to them personally, but that is not enough within a business. If an organization left their ethical standards up to the common sense of its associates, things could get chaotic. Everyone is different. Therefore, not everyone’s views on ethics are the same. It is ultimately up to the founder of a business/organization to provide some
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