Ethical Case Study Of The Case Of James A 25 Years Old Caucasian Female Intern

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Ethical Case Study Analysis Paper
In the case study of James a 25 years old Caucasian male intern counseling student, who is interning with the college counseling center at a local university, James have nine months left upon graduation; he admits to having no clinical experience and no experience working with diversity groups. During James internship arrival he recognized a familiar face that was identified as his ex-friend who he has not seen in years and she is the clinical supervisor for the internship site (Argosy, 2015). Ethical dilemmas presented in the case study In this scenario the ethical dilemmas took place when James suggest to his clinical supervisor to put her credential as a licensed professional counselor after his name since she is supervising him. James feels comfortable with this idea because he will be a graduate within nine months from now. James and the clinical supervisor violated ACA code of ethics C.4.a. Accurate Representation, this code of ethics states counselors supposed to claim only professional qualifications actually completed. James is misrepresenting his qualifications because he claims to be a licensed professional counselor rather than an internship student counselor (Argosy, 2015) (ACA, 2014). The clinical supervisor violated ACA code of ethics F.4. Supervisor Responsibilities F.4.c. Standards for Supervisees it’s the supervisor responsibilities to make their supervisees or trainees aware of the practice professional and…
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