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“ It is important for nurses to study the development of nursing theory because without an idea of where you have been, how can you know how, why, when, or where to go “ (Cherry and Jacob, 2014, p.75). Theory leads to research, research leads to science, science leads to practice, and practice then cycles back to theory. New theory emerging from practice will generate new studies that will, in turn, produce new knowledge for practice. All of this contributes to improving nursing practice. It is a very sad situation when nurses and nursing students feel that studying and applying nursing theories is irrelevant and a waste of time. Often nurses and nursing students are not very interested in educating themselves about various nursing…show more content…
There are other theories out there as well that are beneficial to be implemented when carrying for elderly who still have the potential to function better. Dorothea Orem’s self-care deficit model is one of them. The purpose of her theory ” is to restore the client’s self-care capability to enable him or her to sustain structural reliability, performance, and growth through purposeful nursing intervention” (Cherry and Jacob, 2014, p.83). She wanted to bring the client to a place of maximum functioning which she felt would help restore the patient’s overall well-being. Another theory that is helpful for working with the elderly is Merle Mishel’s Uncertainty of Illness. When a client is diagnosed with a chronic illness, it can produce a lot of stress for them and rob them of their peace of mind. Nurses can assist the patient by constructing a personal scenario for the illness which includes; • Why or how the illness began, • How it will progress, • How the patient can recover. • Incorporating the uncertainty is an approach where there is a change in the patient’s and family’s perspective in life, away from an orientation to control and predict toward an acceptance of unpredictability and uncertainty as normal.” Some of the most important parts of this theory are the aspects to which it gives

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