Ethical Challenge

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EARTHWEAR CLOTHIERS MINI-CASE Chapter 19: Ethics Evaluation List at least three alternatives available to Mike? Alternative 1: Mike can eat lost time and only Alex and mike will know. 2. Mike should identify who will primarily be affected by his ethical dilemma (in this case and Dianne).He must reach out to her and explain the situation 3. Mike checks down the actual occured time and simply tells his senior(Alex) about how he was not comfortable with eating time. What are the pros or potential upside of each alternative you listed above? Alternative 1: Dianne may be impressed by him on finishing on time and Mike and Alex may receive good evaluation. 2. Dianne may appreciate Mike's honesty and grant him more time. 3. Alex could…show more content…
It may be tough for Mike. He may receive a bad evaluation for his job which will look very bad on his reputation and his school. However, It will also send a message to the Management that he is an ethical person and can be trusted on ethical dilimmas. The future staff will also benefit from the extra/correct budgeted time. Dianne may not get the promotion however, there will always be more chances to get a promotion. In your opinion, which of Mike's alternative courses of action would provide the best outcome and why? I believe Mike should write down the actual time occurred on the time sheet. It would be best for the firm and Mike's reputation. When Mike writes down the actual time even though he was pressured not to do so; it shows about his character and his "ethical will power". This characteristic of his will lead him to become a very good Auditor in the future. How would you handle the ethical issues involved in this situation? I would write down the actual occurred time on the cash deposits; and explain to Alex that I felt uncomfortable about eating time. If situation plays out, I will try to talk to Dianne to explain her the situation and apologize for the mistake I made. I will assure her that next time I will be more competent on
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