Ethical Challenges in Business Organization (Maybank)

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Kuliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences
Department of Business Administration
Business Ethics
MGT 3020
Dr. Naail Mohammed Kamil
Ethical Challenges in Business Organization: A Study of Maybank Investment Bank

Group Members:
Atiqah Bt Dalik 1223400
Aida Abidah Bt Anuar 1220954
Alya Maisarah Bt Zainal 1228000
Nor Amira Suhada Bt Othman 1224892
Ethical Challenges in Business Organization: A Study of Maybank Investment Bank
Atiqah Bt Dalik(1), Aida Abidah Bt Anuar(2), Alya Maisara Bt Zainal(3),
Nor Amira Suhada Bt Othman(4)
Business Ethics, Section 2, International Islamic University Malaysia
Matric Numbers: 1223400(1), 1220954(2), 1228000(3), 1224892(4)

From an overview, we had a great interview session with Madam
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Current behavioural research strongly supports a person-situation interaction explanation of human behaviour in which both individual and situational factors influence the behavioural choices made by individuals. Researchers have suggested three personality measures that may influence ethical behaviour which is ego strength, Machiavellianism and locus of control. Socialization also seems to influence a person ethical system. The model of ethical behaviour in organization would help the managers to understand both employees behave ethically or unethically in business organization and what managers can do to influence this behaviour. As the individual enters and gains experience in an organization, his or her ethical behaviour are influenced by managerial philosophy and behaviour, the reinforcement system and the characteristics of the job itself.

Ethical Challenges in Banking
The global financial crisis resulted in widespread disruption to financial markets and institutions. As a consequence, policy makers and supervisors took steps to improve regulatory interventions in order to support financial stability. Trust is the very cornerstone of the financial services industry but this trust has been eroded, not only as a consequence of the financial crisis but by a growing catalogue of examples of mis-selling, malpractices and poor market conduct behaviour by individual financial institutions across the sector. This lack of trust has made the general public extremely
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