Ethical Challenges in Business: a Historical Event Worth Examination

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Ethical Challenges in Business: A Historical Event worth Examination The movie Erin Brockovich is based on actual events involving corporate business knowingly endangering the health of local residents and the environment. This factual event is a great example of capitalism on steroids with no empathy for who are what is destroyed on their path for wealth. The events that unfold show the degenerative break down of ethical values through the business format of Pacific Gas and Electric. PG&E lacked ethical and practical management qualities and took sweeping the dirt under the rug to the extreme. The dramatization primary focus surrounds the deception PG&E has cast over the inhabits of Hinkley, California. For years, the company had…show more content…
On the business level, her attributes resemble the qualities a company would desire for supervision and management positions. Applying a good ethical decision making process only empowers and benefits the company as a whole. Brockovich exceled at maintain a set of values that benefited not one but many. She exemplified the belief that every man, woman and child has the right to live, prosper and attain their health. When such values are set in motion in industry, general worker satisfaction increases and the desire to achieve work related goals are met with a positive attitude. Furthermore, when a company utilizes a safety plan their workforce can maintain their health which leads to less down time. The code of values PG&E display is polar opposite of Brockovich. As mentioned previously, corporate greed influences people and managers to set aside practical values. PG&E code of values book would include attributes such as selfness, lack of empathy and deception. Eventually, a company will endure the consequences of poor values and be subject to the consequences like PG&E. The outcome may not resemble a huge multimillion dollar payout, but can result in decreased productivity of complete business failure. Being employed in management within a company such as PG&E, I wouldn’t be timid to express opinions about unethical decisions that would be made. In fact, after the magnitude of the situation soaked in, I would have handed
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