Ethical Codes Across Cultures : Ethics

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Ethical Codes Across Cultures

According to Abiodun and Oyeniyi (2010), ethics addresses issues of good and bad and with moral issues and duties. Ethics sets rules of conduct in place in the hopes of providing guidelines for human behaviors focused on the preservation of a society. In the United States, National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) has put instruction or guides specific to restriction for legislators in relation to restrictions on gifts from lobbyists to legislators. Some states are more specific and prohibit gift giving with exceptions. This writer is of the opinion, the exceptions are where the “S” is taken out of stretch.
I will use the example of Washington, DC council member Michael Brown, who pled guilty to bribery that totaled $55,000. According to NCLS, money and or gifts in excess of $100 value should not be given and or solicited by/to any registrant or anyone acting on behalf of a registrant should give any unauthorized contribution. In essence, if the money is to influence and or gain an advantage of the legislator it is in violation. The lack of adequate disclosure for a public campaign solidifies the act as unethical and unlawful. In the case of Mr. Brown, he disguised money given to him from businessmen who wanted to be guaranteed federal contracts, a direct violation of DC campaign finance law (Press Release, 2013). Ethically, supports unacceptable behavior for a public official and speaks to lack of integrity and ability to carry…
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