Ethical Codes and Particular Cases

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ETHICAL CODES AND PARTICULAR CASES 1 Ethical Codes and Particular Cases Shannon Smithers Walden University ETHICAL CODES AND PARTICULAR CASES 2 The Florida Bar v. McAliley was a case of a husband who is a member of The Florida Bar fighting with his wife over final order regarding modification of custody, visitation, parental responsibility, and other issues. He claimed that their minor child was being harmed by second hand smoke, and was told by his mother how to act when he was with him. He filed numerous claims to the appellate court ranging from not being able to be present for medical and dental exams to the trial judge not letting him represent himself. Every claim he filed was then denied because the…show more content…
If he thought he could manipulate the courts just because he is a ETHICAL CODES AND PARTICULAR CASES 3 lawyer, how do we know if he is not like that towards other clients and judges. I understand that people get emotional when things like divorce and custody arises and things can get out of hand, but in this case, I feel he went a little overboard only thinking about himself and not considering the consequences this all had on his ex wife and minor child. He was definitely unprofessional and even one of the judges said “ if someone asks me what vexatious litigation looks like, the former husband's various filings in this divorce case, especially his antics in these post judgment proceedings, are an excellent example” (Judge Farmer, 1997). Judges and lawyers have a higher standard to go by, if this type of action is not tolerated when representing a client, then it definitely should not be tolerated by a lawyer in his own case. ETHICAL CODES AND PARTICULAR CASES 4 REFERENCES: American Bar Association. (n.d.). Lawyer ethics and professionalism. Retrieved from 1 McAliley v. McAliley, 704 So. 2d 611 - Fla: Dist. Court of Appeals, 4th Dist. (1997). Retrieved from,47&as_vis=1 The Florida Bar v. McAliley, 797 So. 2D
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