Ethical Consequences Of Consequentialism

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Since the foundation of the world mankind has experienced ups and downs. These ups and down are sometimes the results of our actions, our thoughts, and our decision to make a better world. The consequences are sometimes produced some positive and negative effects. This is what drives me to choose to explain one of the types of ethics that is consequentialism.
According to the definition of consequentialism, an action is morally right if the consequences of that action are more favorable than unfavorable. Right thing or wrong depend of the consequences of an act, and that the more good consequences are produced, the better the act, says the consequentialism. This ethical type us the guidance of how to live in our community, our society, and the world in particular. From this ethical type, we find three subdivisions: ethical egoism in which imply that an action is morally right if the consequences of that action are
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It may seem that most consequentialisms seek above all the promotion of good consequences. However, we may as well consider a consequentialist theory only concern is to reduce the bad consequences such a negative utilitarianism, which seeks to minimize the suffering without care for pleasures.

One might think that a major difference between these two approaches is on the responsibility of the agent. Positive consequentialism requires that efforts be made to achieve a good state of affairs, while the negative consequentialism requires only avoid the bad. The stronger versions (or less naive, from the point of view) of negative consequentialism nevertheless require the active intervention of the agent, but only to prevent the occurrence of
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