Ethical Considerations Behind New Alternatives to Abortion.

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Eric Bronkhurst Prof. Robinson 10/31/06 Question #2 With technological advances of today, parents who are unable to substantially procreate are now given the opportunity to bear children. New techniques for procreation include Artificial Insemination, Surrogacy and In-Vitro Fertilization, all which have brought about happiness to families. Unfortunately, at the same time many of these new reproductive techniques may bring about ethical considerations and debates, causing pain and legal arguments. All of these ethical considerations warrant governmental and contractual regulation as a way of guidance in handling these situations. The ethical considerations and debates that surround many of these new reproductive techniques are…show more content…
Whitehead was permitted to view the child on a weekly basis which in my opinion disregards the best interest of the child. (Appleton, 1107) It is understandable that a woman 's connection and bonding to the child during pregnancy can have a huge impact on one 's life, but in this case you must also take into consideration the intended parents. If the government had stricter regulations regarding the contractual agreement proposed prior to the surrogacy, the whole issue wouldn 't have been brought forth. I believe the government should require a certain time period for mental contemplation or counseling which would determine whether the surrogate mother was capable of going through with the pregnancy. By claiming that the contract infringement doesn 't violate the Stern 's constitutional rights is invalid because it denies Mr. Stern personally the right to not procreate. A contractual obligation must be strict because if the contract is disregarded, then it puts a sort of questionable authority on the government, and the meaning behind a contract degenerate. When going into surrogacy, the intentions were based upon having a child for his wife and himself, not to adopt a woman 's child who used his sperm. Government regulation is warranted due to this fact that contract infringement could violate ones ' constitutional rights as

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