Ethical Considerations In Psychology Paper

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There are numerous ethical considerations to consider in research. Ethics keep us in check by our behavior or choices and whether they are right or wrong. Ethical considerations are invaluable when it comes to research. Ethical standards help to prevent the corruption and invalidation of data. The standards also help in seeking out the truth of any research. Ethical behavior is vital for joint research projects as these types of projects usually include sharing information, confidentiality data and other issues. The public places a premium price on trust and ethics when it comes to research projects. Due to this reason, researchers need to practice ethical standards to gain the public’s trust and support. With the ever growing amount of ethical…show more content…
Descriptive research to understand the current state of affairs. Maybe use a survey to get additional background information on all of the participants. Naturalistic observation could be useful to observe people in everyday environment. An advantage of descriptive research is that it attempts to capture the complexity of everyday behavior, this allows complete understanding of what is currently happening.
Experimental research can help understand the cause of behaviors. This research will help to attain the four goals of psychology. We can use this research to test a particular hypothesis by using various variables. If we then create a controlled environment, we can then measure the effects of independent variables on dependent variables. We can measure the intensity of the anxiety before and after therapy; we can record what medications were prescribed (if any) and what effects were noticed.
The independent variable in my research would be the level of anxiety in the subjects and any necessary prescribed medication. Measuring the level of anxiety before any therapy or medication is vital in establishing a baseline for researchers to compare future data to. The dependent variable would be the subject’s response to the therapy and/or medication. We want to see how the level of anxiety responds to either
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