Ethical Considerations Of The Use Of Digital Images

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Ethical considerations in the use of digital images David M. Cook 1Edith Cowan University, 2ECU Security Research Institute Abstract Ethics, sometimes also known as moral philosophy, is basically not any legal rules but only a moral obligation or concept to define what is wrong or right. It deals with the value related to human behaviour with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions. When the photography was initially developed, it was used as the most realistic tool to show the real portrait of any person or the object. However, in this digital age with the advancement of the internet and computer softwares the images are manipulated and used in an unethical manner. This paper discusses the various ethical considerations in the use of digital images. Keywords Ethics, Digital Images, Intellectual and Intangible property, Manipulations and Deception, Identity theft, Images security, Social Media, Facebook, Mobile device Introduction Digital Photography has become one of the most simplified and effective way of capturing and using the images. Digital images are very high in quality and also with the ease of viewing, editing and transferring it to any computers or mobile devices making it a very cost effective way of managing the images (Kornhaber, Betihavas, & Baber, 2015). The invention of digital cameras and also the mobile devices integrated with the quality camera allows people to easily capture the images and use them on the social
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