Ethical Considerations of College Recruiting

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The United States has an obsession with sports. From little leagues to major leagues, winning is above all and being competitive is important for both coaches and administrators overall success. That is why college recruiting has so many ethical issues today. When universities are able to offer money and other incentives to student-athletes in order to persuade them to enroll with their institution it gives them an advantage some others are not able to offer. Gifting money, cars, clothing, houses, and sometimes even sex take place in order to sway an athlete to one’s school. This issue may not be a problem for all sport managers because there are a few schools that have the money to spend and have no problem offering it to athletes, but …show more content…
Though it was a negative situation, this scandal being absolved would bring a positive light to the NCAA as they were finally able to overcome regional politics and proved they had the power to punish institutions for violating the guidelines. Not long after the PCC crimes, the NCAA implemented full-ride scholarships for student-athletes to help clean up college sports illicit activity. The true amateurism wasn’t compromised because students were only receiving money for expenses from and through the school instead of receiving money through boosters or alumni. The rules, guidelines, and aids can be set, but it is up to the institutions to comply by that principle. It is easy to break rules for the sake of competition when a team is desperate to turn a program around (Pierce & Clavio, 2008).
SMU was the head of one of the biggest scandals to ever unfold for illicit college recruiting. From the time of the mid 1970s through 1986 SMU had been caught paying players for play via a slush fund the institution had set aside. SMU had been in one of the most competitive conferences for football and had struggled mightily with only 67 wins in 15 years. During the years of alleged pay for play, SMU had
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