Ethical Considerations of Health Information Management

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Ethical considerations of health information management Health information management Introduction For better internalization of ethical considerations of health information management, it is vital to comprehend how medical institutions perceive their interpretation of health information. It is also essential to intercede how these institutions practice managerial ethics towards the notion. Information is a representation of data in a manner, which is in the form of symbols (Meadow et al 2007, pg 2). Health information is derivative of many aspects, such as economy, diseases and illness. In such aspectual instances, health and respective medications are correlated to disease and illness. In analyzing ones health, an assertion of whether it is better or poor is given. This is openly seen when we meet people and look at their physical state. In relation to health, management is the process of taking control of the surrounding, by assigning obligations to qualified personnel. Health information management is a professional field with an obligation to help demonstrate values, guidelines and ethical principles in the field of health services. These values, guidelines and principles, are stated clearly in codes of conduct concerning patient care. Health management entails both ethical consideration and patient data security. For better recording and caution against losing or destruction of the data, computerized systems are adopted to ensure efficient management

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