Ethical Consumerism Of Fast Fashion

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Abstract Fast fashion has received a great deal of public attention in recent years. However, the phenomenon of ethical consumerism in fast fashion is under-researched. This study explores current barriers to ethical consumerism in fast fashion. There is a body of research that investigate intention and the actual behavior of ethical minded consumers (Carrington et al. 2010; Beard 2008; Brandstätter et al. 2006; Kim et al. 2013) but not much has been done on ethical consumerism including the driving forces behind consumer behavior in in fast fashion industry. Data for the study was collecting through three focus groups which provided key information on consumer behaviour relating to the garment industry, and in particular “Fast Fashion. The major finding of this expletory study is that ethically minded consumerism exists, but there is a conflict between personal benefits and the desire to act ethically. This research is focused on pre-levels of awareness and the key drivers of purchasing behaviour. It raises awareness of ethical issues within fast fashion to a small group of consumers’ in which most of the consumers indicate a willingness to purchase ethically following the awareness raising exercise. However, further research is necessary to understand whether this translates into a change in consumer behavior and whether these consumers actually follow through their stated intention to shop more ethically in future. Chapter 1: Introduction and research
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