Ethical Consumption of Protein

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Is there a truly ethical way to consume animal proteins? Even in the age of technology there is now way that raising animals for slaughter can really be considered ethical. It is really just a decision for each individual whether or not they feel that they can live with the idea of consuming meat. When you talk about animal treatments there is only one place to start, Veal. Veal is a male calf of a dairy cow. The male calf is taken away from its mother at one day old. Then they are shipped to farms where they are kept in dark tiny crates (PETA Dairy 5). The purpose of this procedure is to keep the calf from using muscles, keeping the muscles soft and tender. The calves are fed a liquid diet that is low in iron and provides little nutrition. From this treatment the calves frequently suffer from anemia, diarrhea, and pneumonia (PETA Dairy 5). After just a few months the calves are taken to the slaughterhouse and killed (PETA Dairy 6). If this isn’t something viewed upon as unethical than I’m not sure what is. Then there are cattle that are raised for beef. The cows that are raised for beef are subject to branding for identification, which is preformed with a hot iron pressed into their flesh. They also have their horns cut or burned off of them (PETA Beef 1). These cows also receive very little veterinary care and result in death from infections or injury (PETA Beef 2). The cows are also fed a highly unnatural diet to fatten them up, causing digestive
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