Ethical Decision Making Case Analysis Essay

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Ethical Decision-Making Case Study. Moral issues are those that arouse conscience, are concerned with important values and norms. The use of a tool such as the Ethical Decision-Making Algorithm in appendix A, can help the nurse resolve an ethical dilemma more efficiently and competently. Furthermore, the use of a nursing codes of ethics, which are formal statements standard for professional actions can help guild a nurses decisions. Nurses have multiple obligations to balance in moral situation. The Ethical Decision-Making Algorithm will be used to find the best action and outcome for a case study. Case Study This case begins with the nurse manager of a 25 bed medical unit, 24 hour responsibility with a staff level of 26. The nurse has become aware a well-liked and helpful senior staff member has been stealing cash and other items from staff and patients. The senior nurse is supportive of the nurse manager, she has the best clinical expertise and judgement in the team. Morally, the head nurse is stressed. She feels guilty and upset, however she also believes no one will believe her. Ethical Issues from Nursing Perspective Trust is critical in the nurse-client relationship because the client is in a vulnerable position. The nurse-client relationship is one of unequal power. Although the nurse may not immediately perceive it, the nurse has more power than the client. Abuse means the misuse of the power imbalance intrinsic in the nurse-client relationship. It can also mean the
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