Ethical Decision Making Ethical Decisions Essay

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When I think of making ethical decisions, I think of doing what’s right, but what exactly is the right thing and how do we define it? As humans we are all brought up under different circumstances, therefore we tend to distinguish from right and wrong in many different ways, especially at a young age when we first start to understand our moral behavior. This difference between the way we determine what’s right and what’s wrong is what makes it difficult for us humans to have the same understanding towards the frameworks for ethical thinking. So how do we base our ethical standards and how do they get applied to the specific situations we face? Philosophers and ethicists have helped answer these questions providing frameworks for making ethical decisions, these experts also suggest five approaches towards standards to which we should follow. Some believe this framework is too complicated for most people to employ in their decision making. Also, what about hypothetical dilemmas that are so farfetched and unrealistic, do these “what if” situations serve a useful purpose as a guide to ethical decision making? Let’s take a closer look into how we define ethical standards and these imaginary situations.
A Framework for Thinking Ethically, produced by the Markkaa Center for Applied Ethics analyzes the main perceptions of ethical thinking. The Authors provide their readers with the information broke down into three parts, the first part distinguishes between what ethics is and what
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