Ethical Decision Making Ethical Decisions Essay

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Abstract Ethics is defined as the moral principles, values, and beliefs that a person uses to interpret a given situation and then decide the appropriate course of action based on these values (Jones). When we think about ethics, we usually think of honesty and doing the “right thing.” Ethics is an important facet in any business environment. When a company behaves ethically in communicating with its stakeholder, both internal and external, the organization gains trust and is able to build a strong, solid reputation. Many books and news articles are available online which discuss making ethical decisions and the importance of maintaining a high level of ethical standards in business. Ethical Decisions Sound ethical decisions are extremely important in business communication and the decision making process is greatly affected by ethical standards. There are four general rules any business leader must follow when trying to make ethical decisions. These rules help managers and employees to behave appropriately and in the best interest of stakeholders. The utilitarian rule states that an ethical decision is one that produces the greatest good for the maximum number of people affected (Jones). When making business decisions, managers need to consider whether the effects will benefit or harm employees or any other company stakeholder. If the outcome of a decision will benefit a greater number of people than the number of people harmed by the decision, the decision is
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