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Ethical Decision-Making
Georgeanne M. Battle
University of the Rockies

Ethical Decision-Making
By selecting an ethical dilemma case from our text Corey, Corey, & Callanan, (2011), I will discuss how to apply systematic steps toward the resolution of the dilemma. While the case is under review the steps that I would take in making an ethical decision will be explained. Also, how to include the client in making the decision will be studied. I will look at what ways is accounting for the APA Ethics Code important for decision-making. In closing, the importance of each basic moral principle involved in the model of ethical decision-making will be addressed.
The Case of Shirley
The case I used from our text Corey, Corey, & Callanan, (2011), is the case of Shirley:
My client Shirley is extremely dependent on me for advice in making even minor decisions. She asks personal questions about my marriage and my family life. She has elevated me to be someone who makes wise choices, and she is trying to emulate me. She doubts herself and her decisions and although she says, she realizes I cannot give her the answers, she keeps asking me what I think about her decisions.
Systematic steps towards a resolution A systemic approach towards a resolution involves understanding the problem and creating a plan. In the situation above a conversation must be had with the client to understand why she feels she cannot make a decision on her own. As the counselor some things should not be
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