Ethical Decision-Making In The Workplace

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Can we improve the effectiveness of decision-making in the workplace; absolutely, but the question remains, how, and by what measure, if we take the ethical decision tree as an example, it narrows the deciding factor down to four ethical questions and from there we can make an intelligent decision, first is it legal, secondly, will maximize shareholder value, thirdly, is the proposed action ethical, and fourthly, would be ethical not to take action.
According to Kreitner and Kinicki, they explain that the decision tree can be applied in both individual circumstance and corporate ( Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013, p.347-48). To better grasp an understanding from Constance E. Bagley "Ethical Decision Tree," we can learn from a personal but historical
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I thought to myself, no problem, I will run down to the Clarksville, Gas and Water Department and make restitution and have the water reconnected. To my surprise, the bill was a total of $450.00, and to my dismay, I began to ask questioned and exclaimed that it was impossible to have such a high bill. The clerk explained that $150 was the original bill, $50 was a reconnection fee, and $150.00 was the new deposit to for failure to pay on time, and if late again the penalty would be a higher deposit. During the discussion between two inches of glass, the clerk explained that the Ward 10 City Councilman Bill Summer and the Gas and Water Manager Pat Hickey had voted their time and effort to push for the new policy in a board meeting, furthermore, during that conversation, my compassion got the best of me, and I questioned the clerk, "what about the Veteran in a wheelchair that might not pay on time cause he is late," at that question, she just shrug her shoulders and said "what can anyone do," at which point my emotions were now really up in the air, and I responded with "I'll show you!" At this juncture my choice were hard pressed by emotion, "nonrational," one might say, for I did not have entirely enough information to make a "rational" decision (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013, p. 330), nevertheless, it was the motivation I needed to gather information and research the process of political science, at this point the nonrational frame mind…show more content…
75). In the end, the votes were in with Bill Summers leading at 2,363, Avitua at 289 and Gault at 243. The night of the election I could hear Mr. Summer say how "Victory, never tasted so sweet." However, that victory was not meant to last, two years later I received a personal phone call from one of the alderman's spouses asking me if I would run for office again? I said, "probably not, it took a lot of time from the family and cost me a pretty penny," her reply was probably the sweeties words I had heard in those two years, "Well, we thought you should know, two of your platforms overturned Bill Summers policies, and the people of Clarksville will be receiving back their deposits." That summer the Clarksville Gas and water department called me up personally and ask me how I would like to receive my deposit, I just smiled and said, let that baby ride to pay the next several months of my Clarksville Gas and Water bill!
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