Ethical Decision Making Is The Process Of Deciding What Is Right And Wrong

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Ethical decision-making is the process of deciding what is right and wrong. Ethical decision are made by comparing the benefits and the drawbacks of a situation. Without even knowing it, these decisions are made constantly. For an example, is it worth it for me to risk getting pulled over while speeding to school to make it on time? Or should I drive the speed limit and be a few minutes late? An ethical claim is a statement saying whether a situation is ethical or not, and giving reasons why it is or is not ethical. The principles of healthcare ethics are Autonomy: the patient 's right to choose, Beneficence: doing good, Nonmaleficence: do no harm, Confidentiality: protection of information, Veracity: telling the truth, Justice:…show more content…
The patient also must be competent. If a patient is in shock or has mental health issues they are likely not competent. If all the of the steps are followed, then the patient can make a declaration of choice and informed consent was used. Beneficence is doing what is good. Health care providers might interpret this principle different based on their personal beliefs. If one provider believes that western, or a more modern approach to care is right, they will likely treat more of their patients that way. If a provider has a eastern approach to medicine, they are likely to treat their patients in that way. Both western and eastern approaches may follow the principle of beneficence, but it is up to the patient to determine what is doing their version of beneficence is. The principle of nonmaleficence means do no harm. This may seem like an obvious idea in health care, but in emergency health care is it extremely important. In the case of a severe car accident, it might be better to leave the patient in the car for as long as possible rather than moving him. The car could be putting pressure on the patient, stopping him from bleeding out or moving him could cause paralysis. In this case, the health care provider is not “doing good,” rather he or she is avoiding further harm to the patient. The principle of Double Effect is engaging in a behavior that is doing something good, while understanding that the behavior will

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