Ethical Decision Making Model Of Ethics And Its Foundations Essay

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After reviewing several ethical decision-making models, reviewing the code of ethics and its foundations, and examining personal beliefs and values surrounding ethics, I have come up with an ethical decision-making model. This model incorporates aspects of pre-existing models, including the social-constructivist model, practitioner’s guide, feminist model, and Herlihy and Corey’s (2015) “elements of ethical decision making” (p. 20). This model is broken down into seven steps, which are meant to be followed chronologically but may be returned to throughout the decision making process when necessary. The steps can be easily remembered with the acronym, DR. CAREFUL. The following are the names of each step and subsequent sections in this model. 1. Describe the Dilemma 2. Reflect 3. Consult 4. Assess Possible Actions and Consequences 5. Re-consult 6. Execute 7. Follow-up and Learn Throughout the entire process, documentation is strongly advised. The following descriptions will enhance the purpose of each step and outline specific actions. Describe the Dilemma Many ethical decision-making models suggest that the first step in an ethical decision-making model is to pinpoint the issue at hand by gathering information. This model suggests that the first step in an ethical-decision making model is to clearly define and describe the dilemma. Dilemma The counselor should gather information on the dilemma at hand. Questions to consider are: What are the implications of leaving
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