Ethical Decision Making Models, Transcultural And Practitioner Essay

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The purpose of this document is to analyze two ethical decision-making models, transcultural and practitioner’s. The first discussion will offer a comprehensive depiction of the guiding principles of the practitioner’s model, as well as the steps that a counselor would need to follow to resolve ethical dilemmas. The next discussion will provide a description of the transcultural model. This paper will then provide readers a description of the case of Simone and a description of the function of the two-preceding ethical decision-making models. The final discussion will involve a conversation about the author’s personal values and beliefs that could impact the therapeutic relationship and affect how the counselor responds to ethical and legal issues that may be present in a counseling relationship. An ethical decision-making model is a method that therapists use to help guide them when they face decisions that may not have an easy solution. The authors of The Practitioner’s Guide to Ethical Decision Making was created to help members of the American Counseling Association in establishing the correct strategy to use when faced with a challenging decision regarding an ethical issue (“American Counseling Association”, 2016) The authors of this publication provided readers with five guiding principles to aid in the decision-making process which includes autonomy, justice, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and fidelity. Autonomy is the concept of acting independently. In

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