Ethical Decision Making

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Subject: Human Resources, Task2, Ethical decision making This is to bring to your kind notice that recently we have received a report from the quality assurance department regarding the toy collection which has been recently been made for elementary schools for our South American client. The toys made did not pass the quality check as it includes a metal whistle, which contains high percentage of led which is highly harmful for the children. The shipment needs to be left by the end of the week. There are three different alternatives that I would like to propose: Firstly, we should send the toys neglecting the quality report. This is not an ethical alternative as we are ignoring the quality report of the toys; this decision will…show more content…
Among the three alternatives, the best option is to choose on reproduce the toys again. Social Responsibility refers to operating a business in a manner that accounts for the social and environmental impact created by the business. It means a commitment to developing policies that integrate responsible practices into daily business operations. Social responsibility is not just about managing, reducing and avoiding risk, it is about creating opportunities, generating improved performance, making money and leaving the risks far behind. High performance workplaces that integrate the views of line employees into decision-making processes It is an ethical ideology that an entity, be it an organization or individual, has an obligation to act to benefit society at large. This responsibility can be passive, by avoiding engaging in socially harmful acts, or active, by performing activities that directly advance social goals. Businesses can use ethical decision making to secure their businesses by making decisions that allow for government agencies to minimize their involvement with the corporation. (Kaliski, 2001) Company has responsibility to produce quality product and spread it to market area. When company makes decisions, it should be long term decisions. Those steps must be considerate: Improving interpersonal communication. Differentiate the decision conditions of certainty, risk, and uncertainty.
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