Ethical Decision Making Paper

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Running Head: ETHICAL DECISION MAKING Ethical Decision Making Trishawna Y. Fleming EDCU 501 May 9, 2016 Liberty University Abstract This paper investigates the moral issue of an authorized proficient advocate who is rehearsing out of a congregation setting. The vast majority of the advocates' customers are customers who are general steady and well working. Because of the status of the client he sees he doesn't feel that it is important to keep records of the client. He sees subsequently he doesn't keep any records by any stretch of the imagination. He feels that in an alternate circumstance where his customers were not steady he would then need to consider record keeping. The accompanying clarifies why it is critical for…show more content…
A focal motivation behind the ACA Code of Ethics is to guide instructors in suitable activity to best serve customers and advance the estimations of the advising calling (ACA, 2005). During a time of legitimate, clinical, and financial responsibility, record keeping and ethical behavior are critical parts of expert directing. Keeping record is important because: 1. Claims and assertions of dishonest behavior against instructors keep on increasing. Without sufficient documentation and adherence to the ACA Code of Ethics a guide's powerlessness is likewise expanded. 2. Guides, customer records, and work force documents will keep on being requested into courts in light of the fact that the legitimate framework believes the documentation contains data expected to settle on choices about youngster care, automatic hospitalization, and a wide cluster of different circumstances, including assertions of deceptive conduct. Absence of trustworthiness and ineptitude and in addition lost, fragmented, and insufficient graphs can be hurtful to the client and the counselor. 3. There will be events when the essential advisor will be debilitated, out of town, or generally occupied to give emergency service Another person will rely on upon the outline to make clinical decisions. Satisfactory records can guarantee suitable mediation and progression of consideration as coordinated by the ACA Code of Ethics. Identifying the problem As specified already the
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