Ethical Decision Making : The Code Of Silence

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Ethical Decision Making
Situation involves two correction officers breaking the code of silence, within Corcoran Department of Correction; by exposing unethical and illegal practices of other correction officers within the department. According to Cooper, (2012), ethics is a practice of doing what is right and the behaviors are grounded in logic, values, beliefs and principles and are used to defend morality. In the professional arena ethics examines justice, veracity, and develops a code of conduct for the person to follow.
Ethical conflicts presented where correction officers purposely, exploiting racial tension by arranging physically assaultive behavior, of rival gang members which was used for sport, entertainment and shooting practice for the correction officers (Dryburg, 2009).
Course of Action
The two officers (Riggs and Caruso), choose to be whistle blowers and were of a deontological ethical nature because of their duty to act, without regard for consequences. Their ethical fiber motivated them to take action because of the corrupt practices of some correction officers. They believed in the mission of the Departments core values of integrity in professional conduct, justice (treating offenders and staff with fairness) and accountability, taking responsibility for actions (Dryburg, 2009).
The officers in question could have chosen to go along with the unethical and illegal patterns of the other correction officers. If they acted in this manner then many more
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