Ethical Decision On The Allowance Of Dual Relationships With A Client

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Ethical Decision on the Allowance of Dual Relationships With a Client There are many ethical dilemmas in the field of social work. Dual relationships are an extremely common issue that can be defined as when a therapist and client have multiple relationships. These relationships could be a friendship, a family member, a romantic relationship, an online relationship, and/or a sexual relationship. It can be debated whether some of these relationships can be acceptable to maintain while in a therapist-patient relationship due to ethical principles, and guidelines that may be broken to participate in the relationships.
Ethical Principles in Conflict This ethical decision based on the dilemma should consider multiple ethical principles and guidelines that could potentially be violated if a therapist should partake in multiple relationships with a client. Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW), (2005) has a code of ethics, which lists the core social work values, and principles.
The first value that social workers need to uphold is respect for inherent dignity and worth of a person (CASW, 2005). This ethical value includes the principles that a social worker should be respected, and have the right to make their own choices. This being said, if there was a relationship between a therapist and their client outside of the social work setting, the client should have the right to make choices about boundaries and the type of relationship, within reason. According to…
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