Ethical Decisions. Ethical Dilemmas Are A Common Incidence

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Ethical Decisions Ethical dilemmas are a common incidence in the nursing practice. Many ethical dilemmas can arise in medical settings because of the conflict between patients, patient’s family, and institutions (Black, 2017). Since there are so many situations that are caused within the clinical settings, nurses have to think and make right decisions for patients to be safe by following the Code of Ethics. When nurses need to decide for the medical dilemmas, they have to think what values they have to consider the most. Values are important preferences that influence the behavior of individuals. Each person has different values that is shaped through their beliefs, purpose, attitudes, qualities, and objects of a child’s early…show more content…
Families and nurses also cannot easily give up the patient so the nurse has to be faced an ethical dilemma. Of course, a nurse has to follow the patient’s will, considering everyone’s positions about this situation and the data of the patient will not be able to form a conclusion. The second step that a nurse has to gather additional data, which can help with further considerations. To clarify the ethical dilemma, the nurse has to collect more data that is related to the patient. Moreover, the nurse needs to be up to date on any legal cases or precedents related to the situation because ethical and legal issues often overlap(Black, 2017). If the nurse collects more facts about the patient, it will be easier for them to ask family that if the patient wanted to live a longer life. However, the patient is in this kind of situation where the DNR order files has been filled out so nurse will see if what the patient wants. After collecting extra data regarding patient, the nurse should identify the options that can be made for the patient. When a nurse must make decisions, most ethical dilemmas have multiple solutions, which offer many acceptable ways to address the dilemmas. A nurse has to come up with every possible way of solving an ethical dilemma. (Black, 2017) In this scenario, there are two options that could be chosen. The first option can be following solely what is said on the file and the second would be accepting the
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