Ethical Decisions In The Workplace

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We, as individuals, face ethical decisions everyday whether it be for our job or within ourselves. I currently am facing an ethical dilemma myself. My boss has asked me to balance the books for the company by tomorrow morning. He has a meeting in the afternoon with the board to discuss the numbers, so I know I can not be late, however, there is a complication with my calculations. I can not get the book to balance out. I am scared that my boss will get fired if he does not have the numbers on time. Consequently, I must make a decision on how I am going to get correct numbers to my boss by tomorrow morning.
There are so many options and directions I could go to solve this problem. I have chosen to solve my issue by going back through each month to ensure that all the amounts balance out. I understand this will take a great deal of time, but it is crucial to find where I made a mistake. First, I will make sure that all of the amounts are placed in the correct category. For example, I want to ensure that money used for rent is credited from cash in bank and debited in rent expense. After I do that, I should be able to check if the debits and credits equal each other. One major element to accounting that I have learned is that your credits and debits should always equal each other and if they do not, then you have made a mistake
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Doing the right thing may not always be the easiest, but that should not change anything. I am not 100 percent certain if I will get the book to balance out by tomorrow morning, but I do know that no matter what I will take responsibility for my work whether it be bad or good. If I do the right thing, then I can at least walk away knowing that I did not cheat to win, instead I failed, yet I can use this failure as a learning experience. Overall, taking responsibility, in my opinion, is the most ethical decision I can make, therefore, that is what I will
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