Ethical Definition Essay

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A person’s idea of ethics guides them through difficult life concepts such as right and wrong, or good and evil. This allows a person to define set principles and standards that they have conducted based on these beliefs. This decision can be founded on religion, culture, or their own general beliefs. In our postmodern society, it is not anything out of the ordinary to have these different options that help us define morality. C. S. Lewis, explains in his book, Mere Christianity, that even with all the many options, the only clear way for a person to derive a set of rules for themselves is to base it off the words in the Bible.
Even though we have a universal definition of morality, the belief of where it comes from can be debated. When Christians look to decide what is moral they turn to the Bible. The Bible says that man was created in God’s image. This means that when we make decisions
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We all trust in our conscience to tell us if our actions are immoral. The only catch is that a person’s conscience is only as good as their standards. Which can be a great tool for a person to use in difficult situations. A confusing concept for people to grasp. Especially in dangerous situations, a person’s morals can change. For example, if a person does something that is unethical to save someone innocent it does not go against God’s law. C.S. Lewis (1952) claims that “If we ask: ‘Why ought I to be unselfish?’ and you reply ‘Because it is good for society,’ we may then ask, ‘Why should I care what’s good for society except when it happens to pay me personally?’ and then you will have to say, ‘Because you ought to be unselfish’—which simply brings us back to where we started.” (p. 15) Unless they use the Bible, people tend to use their surroundings to base a set of beliefs. People are flawed, only God is perfect. Therefore, beliefs made by man are bound to be flawed and beliefs made by God are
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