Ethical Delimma at Northlake

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Ethical Dilemma at Northlake Synopsis Frank is the manager of corporate reporting at Amalgamated Forests Products. He had objected to the report "Endangered Species: The Pulp and Paper Industry in the Upper Peninsula', this report contained the industry's response to the new government's proposals to control effluents from being discharged into environmentally sensitive regions. Amalgamated Forests Products had taken a lead in presenting the perspective of the five pulp and paper companies in the region. Frank believed the report that was prepared was inaccurate and deceitful. The basis of the conflict was the financial consequences of the emission controls proposed by the government. The report said that it would lead to an…show more content…
Even after being threatened with his career and called pigheaded, Frank still never loses his cool. I have learned from personal experience through the years that type B personalities tend to display less anger and hostility toward others. Type B’s are more patient than type A’s and tend to deal with stress better. Severe type A personalities tend suffer from more health related issues than type B personalities. Finding of fact #3 Workplace bullying was one the main issues in the Northlake case study. Frank was being bullied by his superiors throughout the story. Justification/Recommendation Workplace bullying is repeated and persistent negative actions directed toward one or more individuals that involve a perceived power imbalance and create a hostile work environment (Hellgriel pg. 210). A bully’s behavior can range from condescension all the way to rage. The target of bullying is normally a woman. Bullying can lead to major disorders such as general anxiety disorder, clinical depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Bullying can also quickly destroy the workplace by establishing a hostile environment. A hostile environment can lead to high absenteeism, reduced productivity, stress related illnesses, increased employee turnover, and reduced customer service. In the beginning of the story Frank is confronted by Jim and told to “wake up and smell the coffee”. Jim then reminds Frank of all the things he would be

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