Ethical Differences In Men And Women In Negotiations. Introduction.

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Ethical Differences in Men and Women in Negotiations

Introduction Men and women differentiate in their understanding of ethics. One of the primary places where this is shown is in negotiations. Through looking at “moral identity strength,” the degree to which people internalize moral traits in their identities to look at the depths of how different genders internalize morality, one can began to understand the differences between men and women in negotiations This competition in negotiations makes men and women act differently. Men are more likely to act unethically in negotiations. Financial incentives impact both genders and make people stray away from their initial moral identity. The higher the financial incentive, the more likely a
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Women internalize moral traits more than men do, shaping women to have a stronger moral identity. Money and social status at work are a category where most women do not sacrifice ethical values, instead they began to lose interest in their job. This is different for men. One reason for gender differences in the ethics of negotiations is women’s and men’s different styles of ethical reasoning. The study said, “Women exhibit an ethic of care, whereas men exhibit an ethic of justice, meaning that women resolve ethical dilemmas by considering others’ needs whereas men resolve them by considering individuals’ rights.” This proves that men act more on justice and are less likely to care about the relationships they may affect in a negotiation. Relationships are more central to women’s identities,as women are more interdependent and connected to others. Men take a more individual approach and define themselves as more independent from others. This makes women more focused on relationship-linked emotions, encouraging women to be more ethical to help keep current and build new relationships. This centers most women’s goals around promoting the welfare of others. When relationship capital is at stake, women may have a negotiating advantage over men. Although women are proven to make less ethical decisions in negotiations, a financial incentive makes it more likely that one will use unethical

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