Ethical Dilemm Ethics, Values, Morals And Other Law And Policies

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Ethical dilemma occurs when there are two ways of doing things. One way can be the moral way by taking any decision and other can be the legal way. It is a situation which can involve an apparent conflict between moral values or actions which if obeyed, may result in emotional decisions taken (Allen, 2012) In order to determine an ethical dilemma it is necessary to make a distinction between ethics, values, morals and other law and policies. Ethical dilemma also involves the distinction between personal, emotional and professional actions. Giving an example of the ethical dilemma if a patient is on its last stage there can be an argument of giving the patient sedation so that the patient is relaxed and his pain is relieved or the patient should be left on his own so that he or she can talk and respond to the family members so that people around them can interact for the last time (Gwyther, 2011). If the sedation is given the patient is relaxed and if sedation is not given the patient can be in pain, may be screaming which can make the people around him uncomfortable. This type of sedation that is used at the last stage of life is known as palliative sedation. There is the argument going on in the favor and against of palliative seduction. This essay will give the reasons and facts in favor of giving the palliative sedation as it relieves the patient from the pain who is already in its final stage of life and want to leave the world in peace. It also reduces the…

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